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1.   Bakballs
BakBalls are a portable and affordable back pain self treatment device that can immediately reduce your pain and stiffness. You can use BackBalls in your own home or take them to the office, sporting events or in the car to treat your spine and reduce pain.
Item No. 102-2307
2.   Body Xcel Back Brace / BodyXcel Back Support
The Back Brace, by BodyXcel, is the latest technology available for people who need a multi functional Back Support, that will comfortably support them as they move about their day to day activities. The BodyXcel Back Support is for people who like to be active, plays sport, likes going to work, likes walking a dog, likes rearranging furniture, etc.
Item No. 102-2135
3.   Comffit Industrial Belt Support
Item No. 102-2342
4.   Dick Wicks Magnetic Back Support (ActiveasePLUS)
The Dick Wicks ActiveasePLUS Magnetic back support offers great support to your back in four separate ways. The neoprene brace contains a pocket which you can place a microwavable hot and cold pack for hot/cold therapy, which will aid in injury treatment and recovery, as well as offering relief for painful lower back problems and arthritis.
Item No. 102-2144
5.   Futuro Stabilizing Back Support
The Futuro Back Support provides soft, gentle pressure and helps promote back alignment. New Comfort Cushions™ target sore, aching muscles. Positioned for spinal comfort
Item No. 102-2145
6.   Lite Back Support Brace
Economy Elastic back brace with double pull closure for extra support. Width 10" at back, good fitting support with embedded flexible stays.
Item No. 102-2133
7.   McDavid Universal Back Support
McDavid's Universal Back Support gives support to a weak back, minor strains and/or pulls of the back or abdomen muscles. Tendonitis, or arthritis and non-specific back pain. McDavid's Universal Back Support helps relieve pain and promote healing. McDavid's most popular back brace.
Item No. 102-2236
8.   Rehband Dosi Comfort Back Brace / Back Support
Stabilising back support with four pre-shaped splints and adjustable strap system. The Rehband Dosi Back Brace with temperature regulating features. The material is based on Phase Change Material (PCM), enclosed in micro capsules. ComforTemp® was originally developed for NASA to protect the astronauts against temperature extremes.
Item No. 102-2137
9.   Rehband Dosi EQ X Elastic Back Support
Rehband Dosi's classical back support / Back Brace in ecological material. Has an adjustable cross strap for individual Back Support. Straight model. Can be used together with Rehband Dosi's EQ Posture support for lumbar and thoracic support. Provides pain relief, unloading and stabilization to acute or chronic lumbago, hypermobility or degenerative changes.
Item No. 102-2138
10.   Rehband Dosi EQ X High Elastic Back Support
Same as Rehband's classical Dosi EQ X back support but with an additional 10cm higher support of ecological material. Has an adjustable cross strap for individual support. Straight model. Can be used together with Rehband's Dosi EQ Posture support for a lumbar and thoracic support.
Item No. 102-2281
11.   Rehband Dosi SI Elastic Back Support with built in stays
Rehband's classical back support in ecological material. Has an adjustable cross-strap in the back for individual support. Curved model to fit women better. Can be used together with Rehband's Dosi EQ Posture support for lumbar and thoracic support. Offers pain relief, unloading and stabilization to acute or chronic lumbago, hypermobility or degenerative changes.
Item No. 102-2139
12.   Thermoskin Lumbar Support with straps
The Lumbar Support provides pain relief and compression for muscle injuries and general lower back dysfunctions and lower back pain; injuries to the lumbar discs and the sacro-illiac joint. This product has two metal internal stays for additional support and adjustable elastic side straps for extra compression. A great lumbar support product
Item No. 102-2140
13.   Work S'port Back Support
The Work S'port Back Support / Back Brace is popular with industrial workers, the Work S'port is easy to put on and adjust without removing clothing. The Back Support/Back Brace has a ventilated elastic design that keeps you cool and comfortable. With velcro on the anchor belt, it holds your Back Support (S'port) in place
Item No. 102-2136
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Common causes of Back Pain:
Pain Relief for back pain is possible with the right product or treatment. Most people with back pain do not have any damage to their spine. The pain comes from the muscles, ligaments and joints. More persistent back pain may be associated with arthritis of the facet joints and degeneration of the discs. People with this condition may however not experience any pain. Some common causes of back pain include:

   Back Pain

Arthritis - Like other joints of the body, the spinal facet joints can develop arthritis. There may be degeneration and inflammation within the joint and the growth of bony spurs (osteophytes) on the edges of the vertebrae. Commonly arthritis of the facet joints is associated with disc degeneration. Some forms of inflammatory arthritis such as ankylosing spondylitis directly involve the spine.
Muscle and ligament strains - weak muscles and ligaments are unprepared for sudden or heavy lifting loads and are easily injured. Lifting a heavy load without proper lifting techniques or back support, an unusual bout of exercise, or even bad posture over a period of time can hurt soft tissue and can result in back pain.
Osteoporosis - vertebral fracture due to osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is a disease characterised by thinning of the bones. The vertebrae can become so porous and brittle that they easily fracture. Back Pain is due to the fracture.
Sciatica - the nerve that runs from the lower back into the leg is compressed by a bulging intervertebral disc, causing back pain.
Stress - one of the side effects of stress is increased muscle tension, which can lead to fatigue, stiffness and localised pain. Constantly tight muscles can create postural imbalances that may cause misalignment of the spine and also back pain

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