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ActivNatal Control TENS & NMS unit
Only $252.70
ActivNatal Control TENS & NMS unit for drug free labour pain management
Saunders Stork Pregnancy Support
Only $123.95
On SALE for only $107.75
Pregnancy Support by Saunders
Hypoallergenic Electrode Pack
Only $42.00
Sensitive Skin Electrodes
SportsMed Tens & Nms Machine
Only $267.50
SportsMed TENS & NMS Unit for Sports Injury & rehabilitation
Body Assist Deluxe Back Cushion
Only $79.75
Deluxe Back Brace - Lumbar Support
Seat Supports & Cushion

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      Quan.   Description Price
    1.   Body Assist Deluxe Back Cushion
    Body Assist Deluxe Back Cushion. Contoured design to support the natural contours of the lower back. Lateral support wings provide extra relief for your back. Fabricated of long wearing, high density polyurethane foam.
    Item No. 102-2131
    2.   KP Back Companion Back Support
    This lightweight mesh back support is an ideal aid for those who suffer back pain. It provides excellent postural support and the elastic securing strap helps anchor the back support to the chair.
    Item No. 102-2156
    3.   Koala Komfort Back Support Cushion
    The anatomical curves of the resilient foam rubber casing have been designed in consultation with health professionals and with sound orthopaedic principles. The air bladder with attached pump and valve allows for easy individual adjustments inducing correct postural alignment and proper back support.
    Item No. 102-2157
    4.   Nada Chair Back-up Seat Support
    Item No. 102-2271
    5.   Nada Chair S'portbacker Seat Support
    The S'port backer is the answer to sitting comfortably in any position in or out-of-doors. But you've got to try it to believe the difference. It will be love at first sit!
    Item No. 102-2159
    6.   Obus Forme High Back Support
    Item No. 102-2297
    7.   Obus Forme Low Back Support
    Item No. 102-2296
    8.   Obus Forme Lumbar Pad
    Item No. 102-2227
    9.   Obus Forme Seat Support
    The ObusForme Seat effectively supports the pelvis in a comfortable and therapeutic position. Body weight is evenly distributed, eliminating pressure points. The ObusForme seat is deal for use at home, at work, while driving, or in a wheelchair.
    Item No. 102-2155
    10.   Obus Forme Wide Back Support
    Ideal portable back rests for use when driving or at any time when you are unable to use a seat with proper support. Flexible, moulded core offers outstanding comfort. This is a larger version of the Low Back Support with an optional inflatable Lumbar Support
    Item No. 102-2154
    11.   Relax Seat
    Relax Seat - an all purpose multi-use chair, designed to support your lower back while sitting
    Item No. 102-2160
    12.   Therapod HIGH Back Seat Support
    Ideal portable & adjustable seat support is used to provide comfort & support in situations where alternative seating is not available. These include cars, taxis, trucks, office, aircraft, etc.
    Item No. 102-2134
    13.   Therapod Seat (Coccyx Support)
    The coccyx seat relieves sciatic and coccyx comfort and attaches to the Therapod Back supports or can be used independently. It helps stabilise the pelvis by tilting it forward and improves seat and back pressure distribution. An ideal combination for drivers and passengers alike.
    Item No. 102-2132
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