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Product List
  Quan.   Description Price
1.   Medi-Mask Eyepatch
The Medi-Mask relieves headaches and migraines helping with hangovers, eye strain, sinus discomfort, hayfever and nasal congestion. Retail packaged. Reusable hot/cold packs for the microwave and/or freezer.
Item No. 102-2230
2.   Medi-Neck Gel - 12 x 55cm
The Medi-Neck Pak reduces stress and tension as well as helping with whiplash and eye strain. This product relieves neck pain and muscle spasms. Retail packaged. Reusable hot/cold packs for the microwave and/or freezer.
Item No. 102-2231
3.   Comffit Wheat Pack
A natural alternative for temporary pain relief, just place the Wheat Bag in a microwave for a few minutes for use as a moist heating pad.
Item No. 102-2315
4.   Hotteeze - Popular Self Heating Pads ON SALE NOW!
Hotteeze Stick On Heat Pads are great for the temporary relief of muscular aches and pains, period pain, or anytime you feel the cold. Unlike a wheat bag or hot water bottle which are bulky and visible, Hotteeze are discreet, portable and last a lot longer.
Item No. 102-2253
5.   Junten Body Warmer Heat Pad - Self Adhesive (packet 24 pads)
Haru Hot Pads is an Australian family company providing self-adhesive Junten Heat Packs. Junten Body Warmer Heat Packs are a natural based product (chemical, drug and cream free) providing warmth, pain relief and comfort for up to 12 hours (averaging 53 degrees celsius). The heat pads are an effective alternative to anti-inflammatory and related medication.
Item No. 102-2237
6.   Heat Wheat Microwave Pack - Handy Pak
Mulit-purpose Microwavable heat pack. This wheat Handy Pak works as a hot pack that can be heated in minutes in the microwave for use as a moist heating pad. The Handy Pak is a natural alternative for temporary pain relief.
Item No. 102-2327
7.   Ice-E-Pak Hamstring Wrap
Item No. 102-2239
8.   Ice-E-Pak Ankle & Knee Wrap
Item No. 102-2240
9.   Ice-E-Pak Shoulder Wrap
Item No. 102-2241
10.   Thermoskin Heat Retaining Double Shoulder Support
Item No. 102-2242
11.   Thermoskin Heat Retaining Short Neck Support
Item No. 102-2245
12.   Body Ice Pack - small
The small size Body Ice Pack is ideal for tennis &/or golfers elbow, wrist and ankle injury. It is also useful for calf strains and shin splints.
Item No. 102-2248
13.   Body Ice Pack - Medium
Perfect for knee injuries, such as torn ligaments, patella pain and post surgery to reduce pain, swelling and inflammation.
Item No. 102-2244
14.   Body Ice Pack - LARGE
Ideal for hamstring, thigh or groin injuries. Also suitable for larger knee joints.
Item No. 102-2247
15.   Thermoskin Sports Heat Retaining Shoulder
Item No. 102-2243
16.   TheraBead Professional Neck Moist Heat Pack
Item No. 102-2252
17.   TheraBead Professional Standard Moist Heat Pack
Item No. 102-2251
All prices in Australian Dollars

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