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ActivNatal Control TENS & NMS unit
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ActivNatal Control TENS & NMS unit for drug free labour pain management
Saunders Stork Pregnancy Support
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SportsMed Tens & Nms Machine
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SportsMed TENS & NMS Unit for Sports Injury & rehabilitation
Body Assist Deluxe Back Cushion
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Deluxe Back Brace - Lumbar Support
Lumbar Support

Lumbar rolls are a great way to add comfort, give back support, counteract bad posture, provide Pain Relief and more. Lumbar Supports can be used in the office, at home or in the car.

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    Lumbar Support Products
      Quan.   Description Price
    1.   Body Assist Deluxe Back Cushion
    Body Assist Deluxe Back Cushion. Contoured design to support the natural contours of the lower back. Lateral support wings provide extra relief for your back. Fabricated of long wearing, high density polyurethane foam.
    Item No. 102-2131
    2.   McKenzie Cervical Roll (For Pillows/Sleeping)
    The cervical Roll supports the head and the neck. The Original McKenzie Cervical Roll provides necessary support to the cervical structures and maintains a natural curve of the cervical spine while one sleeps on the side or back. If you suffer from frequent episodes of neck pain; referred pain in the shoulders; night time neck problem, your sleeping position may be at fault. Try the Mckenzie Cervical Roll
    Item No. 102-2164
    3.   McKenzie Lumbar Support Roll - Round
    Used in clinics and hospitals worldwide, this is the lumbar support that has helped literally hundreds-of-thousands achieve freedom from common low back pain. Poor posture is a common cause of back and neck pain
    Item No. 102-2163
    4.   McKenzie Super Lumbar Support
    Back specialists tell us that poor sitting posture puts us at much greater risk of incurring a painful and debilitating back injury. The McKenzie Super Roll lumbar support will help you eliminate most of the common back pain that develops as a result of postural stress
    Item No. 102-2161
    5.   Mckenzie Night Roll
    The Original McKenzie night roll is designed to compensate for poor sleeping positions by supporting the spinal structures and maintaining proper lumbar posture while sleeping on the side or back.
    Item No. 102-2165
    All prices in Australian Dollars

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