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ActivNatal Control TENS & NMS unit
Only $252.70
ActivNatal Control TENS & NMS unit for drug free labour pain management
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ActivNatal Control TENS & NMS unit

ActivNatal Control TENS & NMS unit for drug free labour pain management

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ActivNatal Control TENS & NMS Machine

ActivNatal Control TENS & NMS machine is an advanced maternity TENS machine providing support & pain relief through Pregnancy, Childbirth and Postnatal Recovery - unlike other obstetric units which are only designed for labour use only.

The primary design & purchase of the ActivNatal Control TENS & NMS Machine is obstetric pain relief. As the TENS part of the machine is used to reduce the intense pain felt during the various stages of the labour/childbirth.

But the advantage of this unit, designed by the manufacturer, is to have a product with long term value and not just a single purpose.

The ActivNatal Control TENS & NMS unit has also been designed for prenatal as well as postnatal use - help mothers cope with some of the painful issues surrounding their pregnancy as well as the postnatal recovery period.

ActivNatal Control TENS & NMS unit can be used for:
  • Aches & pain relief during pregnancy (with doctor's approval)
  • Aches & pain relief after pregnancy
  • Strong pain control during all stages of labour
  • Maintaining and/or rehabilitating pelvic floor muscle strength to prevent or treat urinary incontinence (men & women can also use this machine to help them at later stages of life)
  • Rehabilitation of the muscles of the stomach wall

    Pain Management

    The ActivNatal Control Tens & Nms unit offers women a first option pain management tool by using comfortable frequencies of electrical nerve stimulation. Pain relief can be experienced whenever required, for the full duration of delivery or for as long as is necessary.

    There are two main electrical frequencies which, when passed across the skin, may be used to relieve and manage the pain.

    1. creates a pain gating or blocking effect.

    2. uses lower frequencies to release the body's natural beta-endorphins and induce a feeling of general wellbeing.

    Pain during Pregnancy - you may wish to protect your unborn child without the use of pharmaceutical drugs and therefore allowing this machine to help relieve pregnancy pain such as lower back pain, sciatica or aching legs, etc.

    Obstetric Pain - this machine allows the mother to reduce, manage and relieve the pain of contractions without the use of pharmaceutical drugs.

    Postnatal pain - the first few months following childbirth can be a physically stressful period for any mother, whether delivered by casearian, had a painful or prolonged vaginal birth, still suffering with lower back pain, aching legs, breast pain or any other new aches and pains. Note, if breast feeding, you will want to avoid chemical pain relief, if at all possible.

    Muscle Strengthening

    During the last stages of pregnancy the two large abdominal muscle sheets stretch and separate to allow the belly to accommodate the ever growing baby. Also keep in mind that during second or more pregnancies, some women find that the pelvic floor muscles that act like a hammock supporting the uterus have been stretched and weakened.

    The beneficial use of the muscle strengthening program will show recovery and rehabilitation outcomes including:

  • A stronger, firmer, and potentially flatter stomach
  • Avoidance of light bladder leakage and all the inconvenience and embarrassment that that entails.
  • Stronger and tone muscles of the pelvic floor - additional muscles are toned by using the machine that one cannot tone by physical exercise

    The ActivNatal Control TENS & NMS unit has 3 tailored therapy programmed modes:

    1. Labour mode - designed for labour pain management

    During Stage 1 of labour:

  • Ensure the Labour mode is selected
  • Turn up the intensity as the contraction builds
  • Maintain the intensity for the duration of the contraction
  • Turn down the intensity as the contraction ebbs away
  • Between contractions turn the unit off or turn to RELIEVE mode for further beta-endorphin release
  • When the contractions are at their strongest and longest, you can leave the controls on a fixed intensity LABOUR mode setting OR you can ask your birthing partner to adjust the intensity per your instructions.

    During Stage 2 of labour, either choose LABOUR mode or RELIEVE mode.

    2. Relieve mode - to be used for a minimum of one hour, but it can be used for longer periods if the pain is severe.

    During pre-labour, it is recommended to use the RELIEVE mode as the woman prepares for stage 1 labour. This allows the mother to begin her pain managment plan before arriving at the hospital or similar.

    During postnatal, the RELIEVE mode is perfect to use for the relief of general aches and pain after pregnancy such as breast pain relief from breast feeding, nursing, lifting/carrying a young baby may cause new muscle soreness, shoulder pain, lower back pain especially after birthing, neck pain etc and if left untreated this may become a longer term problem.

    3. Exercise mode - primarily used for postnatal rehabilitation such as strengthening of abdominal muscle sheets that have been stretched and separated during late pregnancy, and the muscles of the pelvic floor that may have been strained during late pregnancy or stretched (even torn) during childbirth.

    The NMS part of the unit allows the new mother's muscles to be exercised and strengthened passively, while attending to all the other more important things. This method is far more advanced than to the physical pelvic floor strengthening exercise of Kegel exercise as it exercises the involuntary (or smooth) muscles as well as the voluntary muscles. (honestly not all women can manage the kegel exercise correctly the first time they try)

    Start this EXERCISE mode on a low frequency and mild intensity for short periods of time. Gradually increase the length of treatment (up to 60 minutes per day) and gently increase the pulse intensity. This will increase the strength of the muscle contractions and gradually rehabilitate the muscles until they are stronger and firmer.

    During this mode, an Pelvic Floor internal electrode can be used (sold separately), but the area must be fully healed before use.

    The ActivNatal Control TENS & NMS machine pack includes:

  • ActivNatal Control Mobile TENS & NMS unit, including internal rechargeable battery
  • Adhesive Disposable Pre-gelled Electrodes (50 x 90mm) pack
  • Butterfly dual electrodes pack
  • Pelvic floor external electrode pack
  • Connecting cable lead
  • Recharger (suitable for australian powerpoints)
  • User guide
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • 12 month manufacturer's warranty

    WARNING: We advise that you consult your obstetrician or midwife before using ActivNatal during your pregnancy. Do not pass the stimulus through the uterus.

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