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SportsMed Tens & Nms Machine

SportsMed TENS & NMS Unit for Sports Injury & rehabilitation

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SportsMed Tens & Nms Machine

The SportsMed Tens & Nms unit is a micro size rechargeable handheld device that will give you back the power to manage your own injury of both pain relief & recovery. The SportsMed Tens & Nms unit can be used for treatment of all injuries that will respond to physical therapy. The injury may have been caused by such things as an sporting activity, accident, manual labour, overuse or repetitive strain.

Advantages of using the SportsMed Tens & Nms unit compared to traditional physical therapy is that the therapy is not limited to a 30-40min session with a specialist; as you can use your unit for sustained lengths of time. The unit weighs only 25grams and be carried in your pocket or in the pendant holder (sold separately and found under accessories). Within the limits of your condition of injury, you are free to walk, sit, sleep, work & play.

The SportsMed Tens & Nms unit offers a progressive approach to physical therapy as a way of:

  • Immediate pain relief
  • Early stage treatment
  • Main stage treatment
  • Rehabilitation
  • Prevention of further injury
  • And relief from recurring pain

    The SportsMed Tens & Nms unit has 3 tailored therapy programmed modes:

    1. For Pain Management - Relieve mode

    For a combination of pain gating and endorphin release. This unit will offer users of acute and recurring pain a first option pain management tool, using comfortable frequencies of electrical nerve stimulation.

    2. For Injury Recovery - Recover Mode

    This mode will achieve enhanced and a more rapid healing of injuries:

  • Immediate pain relief
  • Increased cellular activity as well as removal of excess fluid
  • Increased circulation of blood and oxygen
  • Adequate mobilisation of muscles and joints
  • Muscle strengthening

    3. For Muscle Strengthening & Exercise - Exercise Mode

    After injury and consequent non-use, major muscle groups can rapidly weaken and potentially waste away. By using this mode, it induces a level of muscular exercise within the range of comfort. The intensity can gradually increase (when the user is ready) as the injury is slowly repaired. Strengthening and Toning muscles is important in further injury prevention.

    The SportsMed Tens & Nms Machine pack includes:

  • SportsMed control unit with internal rechargeable battery
  • Adhesive Disposable Pre-gelled Electrodes (50 x 90mm) pack
  • Battery Recharger (suitable for australian powerpoints)
  • Connecting lead
  • User Guide
  • 12 month manufacturer's warranty

    Note: The Sportsmed Tens & Nms should be used after following adequate diagnosis and in conjunction with other medical interventions as prescribed by your doctor

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