Drug Rehabilitation Centers

Are There Any Free Drug Rehab Centres?

Sometimes, when a drug abuser wants to become clean of their narcotic substance, they decide that they want to go to a drug rehabilitation centre. However, many of these people are put off simply because they cost money. Some sufferers may be unable to pay to go, whether this is a cause of their addiction or because of an unfortunate event in his or her life, such as losing their job or house.

In these cases, the addict will most likely give up the idea of going to a treatment centre. However, some may instead try to detox themselves, or go cold-turkey. Attempting a home detox or going cold-turkey can actually be life threatening. So, are there any free drug rehab centres?

Luckily for many addicts out there, the answer is yes.

The difference between a state rehab centre and a religious rehab centre

Both state drug rehabs and religious one are free, but what is the difference? Well, to go to a state run treatment centre, an addict needs to be a resident of the state that the centre is based in.

Although there are many requirements for a state rehab centre, they often have access to all kinds of treatments.

A religion-based rehab centre usually includes the famous 12-Step program, group therapy sessions and other kinds of counselling. Most of these also use their faith and belief as part of their program, too. And although this is good, they do not always arrange a medical detox for the patient.

Many of these kinds of treatment centres are free, but not all of them are, so the user should check before applying to a rehab.

The requirements

In both religious and state-funded rehab centres, there are some requirements which are needed for an abuser to qualify. For a state-run treatment centre, he or she must also be a legal resident of the United States, on a low amount of income, and also be able to provide proof that they have an addiction and need the medical clinics help.

For a faith-based treatment centre, the addict is required to be of the same faith as the centre. For both kinds of centres, the sufferer must also have proof that they are unable to pay for their treatment. In these cases, a religion-based medical clinic will not accept the person, but a state-based centre can be paid for like a normal rehab centre.

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