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Healthy Heart. Happy Life.
�by: Vickie Telbert

Get Your Heart A-pumping

As we reach middle age we’re suddenly aware that we’re not immortal. In fact, our bodies are very delicate and need lots of TLC. Most of us, however, in our youth don’t give things like arteries a second thought. We live life to the full and then we find that we’re suddenly overweight, leading stressful lives and not particularly healthy.

The good news, however, is that whatever the state of your body and your general health, it’s never too late. By simply looking at three aspects of your life you can radically change your health and, probably, your outlook on life and be free from addiction. If you feel lethargic and miserable every day you’re not going to enjoy life, you’re not going to attract the types of people who you want to be with and who are good for you and life will just be a dull shade of grey. So, take action! Remember that life is short and if you’re going to look back and feel that you’ve achieved something, you need to make every moment count.

1. Start exercising. The heart needs to work hard at least three times a week. Not only will exercise help this fundamental of all your muscles, but it has many side effects like relieving stress, helping sleep and burning calories. Just start by walking briskly and breathing deeply. Depending on where you’re starting from will depend how far you go and how fast. Understand when your body tries to speak to you and don’t push yourself. If you can feel your heart violently thumping away the exercise isn’t doing you any good. Exercise is built up over months and months so don’t be impatient. When you can do a couple of miles without being totally exhausted you could move on to swimming or cycling. Alternatively, you could discover the delights of owning a dog and sharing walks with your devoted companion! Animals are also an excellent way of calming yourself and lowering your blood pressure. It’s been proved that stroking a gentle pet is therapeutic for both the elderly and for those who have severe psychological problems. In fact, it does us all good to share moments with a creature that never judges and is always pleased to see us.

2. The next thing you have to do is to look at what you eat. You must have heard that there are good fats and bad fats and the bad fats clog up our arteries just like a drain pipe. If you are in doubt, remember that animal fats are basically bad and not necessary to a good diet. There are two camps of vegetarians.